Stephen Lea qualified as a Solicitor in 1979 and started representing musicians the following year, although it was not until 1990 that he established his own firm, specialising in the music and media industries.

He has always been based in the Greater Manchester area and unlike so many others, resisted moving to London. The clients he has represented reads like a who’s who of Manchester music greats from the past 25 years and include New Order, The Charlatans, James, Take That, Russell Watson, Shaun Ryder and the late Tony Wilson.

Additionally, Stephen has also represented musicians, actors, songwriters, record and production companies, publishers and promoters from all over the UK and beyond and
is now recognised as one of the leading Solicitors in the music industry.

Stephen is a partner at Business Affairs, providing a comprehensive range of business management and administration services to musicians, artists, actors and those working in the creative industries, often working in partnership with day to day/creative management.

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